ZE:A Original Nickname

Kevin: "Charisma Kevin"

Kwanghee: "Hwangtaeja" or “Crown Prince” 

Siwan: "Chic Siwan"

Moon leader: "Pretty boy leader"

Taeheon: "Teddy bear"

Heechul: "The arrogant member of ZE:A"

Minwoo: "Dancing machine"

Hyungsik: "Charming man"

Dongjun: "HAMTORY"

— taken from ZE:A 1st concert ILLUSIONIST in Seoul (131123)

Shin Hye Sung & Lim Chang Jung - Doll

This song first release on 2001 and then re-release on 140825.

Yesung and Leeteuk cover this song on the 1st Super Show and then once again on SUKIRA 080314


Sea Ranch Residence / Turnbull Griffin Haesloop


Sea Ranch Residence / Turnbull Griffin Haesloop


Make me choose: Era - F. Scott Fitzgerald’s way of love or Saint o’clock asked by anon

When Crazy Cat miss Mad Dog

One step.. Two steps..

I miss Yesungie.

Yesung who has a sorrowful voice.

Yesung who has the voice I like.

trans: 13elieveSG

"No matter who, there isn’t anyone who will stay with you forever. The world is where you live and fight alone."

Fated to loved you

Poetry Recitation Example


If you can recite poetry and would like to do it for me. then send in your favourites with an audio clip to wordsnquotes@gmail.com.

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"I promise if you are good at anything, just let me know,  I will make it my life’s mission to show you to the world." 

Best Regards

A. Abraham


"I’m curious as to what you’re all desperate and longing for. I’m longing for this obstacle that ZE:A is facing right now to be over and settled without much hardship. We will continue to show a better and stronger image and long for the day we can stand in front of you. So don’t worry too much about us, please continue to support us and love us."

Kevin Kim (140924 - Hot Beat)

"ZE:A have improved a lot in terms of skills since their trainee days until now they gained popularity. But there’s one thing that haven’t change. Their personalities, it stay the same."

Poppin Hyun Joon